Presidential Election – Autumn 2020


1 Month Placement

4th October - 4th November 2020

2 Week Placement

21st October - 4th November 2020
These dates are somewhat flexible; we reserve the right to change them with advance notice. Where possible we will encourage Poitrippers to travel to their destination together, on these dates and with the rest of their group, but realise this may not always be possible and cheaper flights from different locations may mean volunteers arrive a few days apart. In some cases Politrippers may need to provide their own accommodation if flying in earlier or later than these dates.


1 Month Placement


2 Week Placement


In addition to the organisation of your trip, this fee covers:

  • Provision of suitable accommodation – this will likely be shared with other volunteers in the home of local party supporters, and where this is not available, in an Airbnb or similar
  • Full-time in-country Politrip Coordinator who will organise your trip and provide support and assistance for the duration of your trip
  • Access to a rental car with a paid driver for the duration of your trip. You and your team will share fuel costs
  • Cultural and social activities at your location. This might include a weekend away to a major city nearby, or a programme of events allowing you to get away from the campaign life and soak up some American culture. Activities will obviously vary by location and will be confirmed prior to your departure for the US
  • Return transfers in the US from your arrival airport to your accommodation
  • Full travel insurance (we recommend volunteers still take out their own personal policy to cover minor medical issues, loss of individual property or flight issues)
  • ESTA Visa application fee
  • Anytime pre-trip training & support, 24/7 phone & email contact and pre-departure training manual
  • A formal 1-day training session with other volunteers, in various locations in UK & Ireland
  • A Politrip t-shirt

This does not include flights or expenses in the USA.



Whilst flights are not included, we have chosen locations based on their affordability and proximity to major transport hubs. We estimate that you will never pay more than £600 for a return flight to the US, and generally you will be able to find return flights to the US for £300-350 if booked well enough in advance.

As part of our service to you, we’ll be monitoring airlines and sites such as Skyscanner to find the best possible price, and will advise you when to buy your tickets. If you want to get a rough idea of flight costs currently, try searching for flights between the UK and USA around the Politrip dates.

Payment Options

Holding fee – paid via website once initial eligibility passed


Deposit – paid once full application submitted and accepted


Monthly payment – remainder of balance divided by number of months until trip


Payment details

To make paying for your trip as flexible and easy as possible, you can now pay your Politrip fee by monthly direct debits. This service is interest free and your monthly payment will equal your trip fee minus the deposit & holding fee, divided by the number of months until your trip begins.

So for example, if you are booking a place in September 2019 on the 2-week Autumn 2020 trip, your payment plan would be £850 – £220 (deposit and holding fee) / 14 months until departure = £45 per month. If you were booking a place on the 1-month trip your monthly payments would be £80.70.

Basically, the sooner you sign up, the less you’ll pay each month!

Alternatively, you can always pay your fee in full at any stage.

We then advise everyone to book flights as early as possible to get the best prices available, and you should budget accordingly for this. For the 2020 trips, we recommend you buy these at least 6 months prior to departure.

For more information on trip costs, please see our FAQs

How To Apply

1 Month Placement Closing Date

1st September 2020

2 Week Placement Closing Date

1st September 2020
Applications for the Autumn 2020 Politrip programme are now open. Please follow the link below to complete an initial eligibility check. If eligible, you will be invited to pay a £20 holding fee to secure your place until you complete a full application, which will be sent to you via email within 48 hours of passing eligibility.

Applications for every Politrip will close 1-month prior to departure, however it is likely all places will be allocated well before then.

What Happens Next

As places on the programme are competitive and allocated on a first come basis, the holding fee secures your place, giving you time to complete your full application. This application will provide us with more information about you and the trip you’d like to go on, allowing us to tailor the best possible Politrip experience. The holding fee will be refunded in the event that your full application is rejected.

If your application is successful (90% of applications should be successful once initial eligibility has been passed) you will be offered a place on the Politrip of your choice and invited to pay a deposit to secure your place. You will also be asked to sign a declaration form, complete a direct debit form (if paying by monthly installments) and you will receive details of important pre-departure dates and our training programme.

These trips are suitable for a political expert or first-time volunteer. You will be right in the heart of the campaign season with plenty of work to do at all times.

Whilst Politrip aims to have volunteers in each of the states listed here, the actual location of trips will depend on the number of applications we have for each state. We will always ensure there are at least 4 volunteers per location, ensuring you always have a like-minded team to campaign with. Politrip will always endeavor to provide you with your first choice of trip but reserves the right to offer an alternative location before you have booked your flights. If we cannot offer a location to your liking, you have a right to a full refund.

Any Questions?

Get in touch at hello@politrip.org
or take a look at our FAQs