6 Steps to Apply Now:

1. Enter your name below to begin the Politrip eligibility check

2. If successful in passing the eligibility check, you’ll be invited to pay a £20 holding fee via PayPal to secure your place. This secures your place on the programme until you have completed a full application form, and is refundable should your application be rejected

3. Within 24 hours of paying your holding fee, you’ll receive an application form specific to the trip you’re interested in which will ask for more information about you and allow us to provide you with the best possible Politrip experience

4. Once you’ve received your application you must complete it within 5 days or lose your holding fee!

5. Providing you have passed the eligibility check and successfully completed your application form, we will offer you a place on the Politrip 2020 programme. Where possible, we will give you your first choice of trip location (for example, Presidential Election, Summer 2020 – Wisconsin). We will always guarantee one of your top 3 location choices – if we are not able to do this, we are happy to refund your holding fee if you wish.

6. In your offer letter, you will also receive a declaration form with payment information which you must sign and return along with your deposit of £200 within 5 days. You’ll then receive a timeline and more information about your trip along with a link to set up a direct debit with GoCardless (if you are paying by monthly installments).


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Politrip Bursary Fund

The Politrip Bursary Fund has been established to widen access to the programme for those from a low-income background or who otherwise lack the means to self-fund their Politrip.

You can apply for the bursary through the form above. If eligible, you will receive a bursary application form along with your full Politrip application form. Bursaries are awarded on a points-based system, with points awarded for each of the criteria below and further essay questions included in the application form.

Bursaries will be awarded in quarterly tranches dependant on the number of paid applications received and the number of bursaries overall will be contingent on the number of paid applications. Therefore the waiting time between being deemed eligible for a bursary (being placed on the ‘bursary waiting list’ and receiving it could take from 3-4 months. Politrip is committed to ensuring at least 10% of Politrip participants are in receipt of a bursary, half of which will receive the full fee-waiver bursary (we waive the full cost of your Politrip fee) and half will receive the partial fee-waiver bursary (50% off the cost of their trip)!

Politrip bursary criteria*:

  • Received EMA (NI, Scotland & Wales) or 16 to 19 bursary fund (England)
  • You or your household’s primary income is some form of benefit (Universal Credit, PIP, ESA, JSA etc.)
  • You received free school meals
  • You received, or are receiving, a maintenance grant at University
  • You currently live in or grew up in (lived there when you were under 18 for at least 10 years), a postcode in the bottom 10% most deprived areas in the UK
  • Household income of £15,000 or less per annum

*This list applies primarily to applicants from the UK. If you are applying from outside the UK and meet similar criteria within your country, you can still apply.

This is a means-tested scheme and if you qualify for either the fee-waiver or full bursary you may be required to supply proof of any of the above. In addition to this, the application form will include a number of brief essay questions asking you to explain why you would be a suitable candidate for the bursary scheme.

To apply for a Politrip bursary, please complete the form above, or for more information email hello@politrip.org.

**Our bursary programme is only open for the Autumn Politrip**