About Politrip

Politrip specialises in organising short-term volunteer placements on international political campaigns. It is the ultimate experience for political enthusiasts; providing students, graduates, young professionals and any politically minded individual the chance to immerse themselves in political campaigning across the world.

Our long-term vision is that Politrip will become the number one facilitator of political travel trips that give people everywhere the opportunity to make an impact in local communities through international grassroots political campaigning.   

3 factors inspired the foundation of Politrip, the world’s first political travel company:

  • A passion for political campaigns and making a difference through grassroots democratic action
  • A commitment to engaging and educating young people in politics
  • A love of traveling, meeting new people and gaining new experiences

If you share any of those interests then you might just be perfect for Politrip.

What makes a Politripper

There are several eligibility criteria that applicants must meet to apply to become a Politripper:

  • Must be 18 or over by the time your volunteer placement begins (meaning you can apply when you’re 17, but cannot travel until you’re 18)
  • Must be a fluent English speaker
  • Must meet the requirements for a tourist visa, ESTA or visa-free entry in your destination country.
  • Must be willing and able to cover the cost of your trip (we offer a limited number of bursaries to those from low-income backgrounds. Please see our Bursary scheme details for more information) 

As well as this basic criteria, there are 3 core values we look for in all our Politrippers, which sums up our ethos and the sort of person we want to recruit…


You are committed to improving yourself and your opportunities, and enjoy taking on new challenges and solving difficult problems.


You want to make a positive difference in your work and travel. You respect and engage with people from different backgrounds and with different opinions to your own.


You thrive on the unknown, love meeting new people, gaining new experiences and exploring new places. You are organised and independent, with excellent situational awareness.

Meet our Politrippers!

Politrip 2018 - Summer

Los Angeles, CA

Politrip 2018 to LA brought together 11 young people from across the UK & Ireland to volunteer for the Katie Porter Congressional campaign in California's 45th District. The volunteers spent the majority of their time knocking doors for their candidate, persuading voters to turn out and cast a ballot in November. This was probably the best chance the Democrats have ever had to flip this seat blue, and District 45 was considered a bellwether for the rest of the country, and an excellent indicator of the Party's ability to take back the House in the 2018 midterms.

Politrip 2018 - Summer

Miami, FL

Our Miami volunteers had the opportunity to work two key primary campaigns for Democratic candidates in swing Congressional districts 26 & 27. Volunteers campaigned for candidates David Richardson and Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and laid vital groundwork for campaigns in those Districts in November!

Politrip 2018 - Summer

New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Our New Hampshire & Massachusetts team had the chance to work across two very politically active states in the NE United States. In New Hampshire, they volunteered on a highly competitive 11-way Democratic primary, in which eventual winner, Chris Pappas, went on to become New Hampshire's first LGBT Congressman in November. In Massachusetts, volunteers helped on the Jay Gonzalez Governor's race, and even got to meet Senator Elizabeth Warren!

Politrip 2018 - Autumn

Sterling, Virginia

Our small but incredibly hard working Virginia team were based juts outside Washington DC, in Virginia's 10th District. They spent a month mobilising voters in order to flip the District blue. Virginia's 10th District was one of the Democratic Party's key targets in 2018, and our volunteers played a role in ensuring it was the first Democratic gain on election night, comfortably electing Jennifer Wexton to Congress.

Politrip 2018 - Autumn

Miami, FL

Our Miami team got to play a crucial role in one of the most exciting victories of election night - the election of Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell by a margin of just over 3,000 votes to Florida's 26th District! As well as playing a part in this historic win, they also got to campaign on the Andrew Gillum for Governor campaign, see former President Barack Obama speak and meet Senator Kamala Harris and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi!

Politrip 2018 - Autumn

Los Angeles, CA

Our biggest Politrip team of the year, the 12 volunteers based in District 45 in Orange County played a big part in canvassing and mobilising voters for Democrat Katie Porter's campaign. During their time in LA our volunteers also got to attend speaking events with Senators Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, met LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and got to see a live performance from Moby in the campaign office!


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